Finder Favourites Exporter

We have users logging into multiple AD joined machines, they often set up favourites in Finder to their network shares but when they move they forget what the paths were. I decided to sort this out by creating a couple of apps that would export the favourites to their network home folder then import them […]

AD Home folder mounting

By default you can set the AD binding properties to mount the users home folder at login. In practise I find this is problematical especially if the share permissions are configured in certain ways. So I wrote a script that I use packaged into an app using Automator that runs when the user logs in […]

Password Entry and Validity Checking.

So you’re building a script that needs someone to create a password, perhaps when you’re creating an local account on their Mac, and you want to check it’s; greater than x characters has CAPS has lowercase has a number has a non alpha not on a list of simple passwords any combination of these So […]

Converting Image Formats

I frequently find myself converting .png files to .icns and vice versa and a whole host of other graphic type conversions. I use Cloud convert, it’s really easy and also hooks into my Google accounts if I want to store the results there. Thats’s it, nothing more to add.  

pre-imaging checks script

Here’s the situation, you use Casper imaging to image or re-image your Mac’s. You have a large and aging inventory¬†with quite a few getting repairs and new system boards. Sometimes these devices come back with no serial number burned in, or even a short one. We also are getting to the stage where batteries are […]