Deploy Mac Trackpad Settings Via Profile

Hey there all you middle men.

Profiles are the future of Mac management… But lets face it Apple make it hard! No nice GUI, and lists of settings, to set and deploy just about any configuration like Microsoft have for GPOs.

So instead we have to use tools like mcxtoProfile and resources like the Amsys git hub to build some of the less standard ones.

Throw away your fancy clothes.

We wanted to deploy the setting of Tap to click for the trackpad on our standard configuration;

Screen Shot 2017-05-30 at 15.48.49

We tried scripting it, we tried shouting at it and we tried buying it a beer… non of which worked so had to do some serious rummaging around.

Turns out the settings are in two places in the users /Library/Preferences folder;

  • .GlobalPreferences..plist in the ByHost folder.

And while you’re out sittin’ on a fence

So to build the profile I used mcxtoProfile to pull in the settings as follows;

./ --plist /Users/me/Library/Preferences/ByHost/.GlobalPreferences.6A4B6B55-0000-1111-2222-89E541ADCA96.plist --plist /Users/me/Library/Preferences/ --identifier TrackPadSettings -g Mycorp -o /Users/me/Desktop/plists/TrackpadSettings.mobileconfig --manage Once

The –manage argument took a couple of goes to get right. When set to –manage Set-Once the profile reapplied every time the machine started, this wasn’t what we wanted.

We wanted to deploy default settings but allow the user to change it if they wanted to. Using –manage Once worked for this requirement.

Cause rock ‘n’ roll ain’t no riddle man

Rock “n” roll may not be a riddle but these settings are! One thing I found was that trying to deploy two finger tap didn’t work. It just left the option unticked. The only one that would deploy was click in bottom right.

Screen Shot 2017-05-30 at 16.09.59

To me it makes good good sense

Well no it doesn’t. But it works!

What are the differences between the two settings I hear you ask, well they are these;

Screen Shot 2017-05-30 at 16.31.17

I can’t get the two finger tap option to work, maybe you can.

We got vibrations comin’ up from the floor

As usual I have loaded the files to my github. Feel free to investigate them.



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