About Me

.After nearly 20 years working as an aircraft engineer in the RAF I moved into IT.

43 Squadron 1987.

Starting with Novell NetWare 3 and 4 I worked at several large, and a few not so large,organisations and eventually ended up at a national media company in Birmingham back in 2001.

After mergers, redundancies, and outsourcing I’m still in the same office, but working for a major service provider.

Part of a third line specialist team I have taken on the Mac role and, with a couple of colleagues, manage all aspects of Mac and jamf Pro for around 5,000  devices spread round the UK and the world.

I am now fully JAMF  certified.

cce-badge-largecja-badge (1)

I don’t claim to be the guru of code and take a lot of mine from the community, modify it for my own use and now have started to put some back for others to enjoy and use.

I have a github repo that I populate with some of my work, have a look as it may be useful.

Currently I am involved in the restoration of XV582, an ex RAF Phantom jet that holds the world record for Land’s end to John O’Groats.



Covered on Central News

Feel free to comment and ask questions about anything in my posts and if you like them then share them or at least hit the like button.


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