A Reusable LaunchDemon or Agent Creator Script

LaunchDaemons and Agents. In Mac OS LaunchDaemons and LaunchAgents replace cron jobs and startup items. LaunchDaemons run as root and LaunchAgents run at user login and run with the users permissions. So they are very useful to run scripts or launch apps at various times. There is some useful information here. To make them work […]

Switching of WiFi when on Ethernet

We use ISE, Cisco anyconnect if you ask, and of course it’s licensed. This means we had a requirement to reduce the number of active connections so we looked at finding a simple way to shut off wifi when the ethernet is connected and working. I found a few scripts to do this and finally […]

Switch off Firmware Password

I had cause recently to have to create a policy to allow the first line support to turn off firmware passwords easily from Caspers SelfService utility. The requirements were; Work on any OSX from 10.7 up Require one button operation with no interaction. On OSX there are two tools used to set/remove firmware passwords dependant […]

pre-imaging checks script

Here’s the situation, you use Casper imaging to image or re-image your Mac’s. You have a large and aging inventory¬†with quite a few getting repairs and new system boards. Sometimes these devices come back with no serial number burned in, or even a short one. We also are getting to the stage where batteries are […]