JNUC 2019 – My First Talk

Minneapolis is cold in November! This year JNUC was held in November and yes it was cold, I’m glad they have Skyways there. This year I had the honour of being chosen as a speaker. I co-hosted a talk with my colleague from Jigsaw24:- Jack Hollister. We spoke on the subject of Build it and […]

A Multi Purpose Build Disk Script

What Does It Do? DEP is a great way to build macOS devices, but when you have a mixed inventory of devices you need to get those than can use DEP to a known starting point. In the environment I am developing for I needed to cover the following categories in one workflow; Devices that […]

Deploy Mac Trackpad Settings Via Profile

Hey there all you middle men. Profiles are the future of Mac management… But lets face it Apple make it hard! No nice GUI, and lists of settings, to set and deploy just about any configuration like Microsoft have for GPOs. So instead we have to use tools like mcxtoProfile and resources like the Amsys git […]