A Reusable LaunchDemon or Agent Creator Script

LaunchDaemons and Agents. In Mac OS LaunchDaemons and LaunchAgents replace cron jobs and startup items. LaunchDaemons run as root and LaunchAgents run at user login and run with the users permissions. So they are very useful to run scripts or launch apps at various times. There is some useful information here. To make them work […]

Working with the JSS API Pt II

This is a follow up to my previous post on the subject which contains some useful info on reading from the JSS. Since I wrote that we have been hard at work expanding our use of the JSS api and have written some useful reusable script snippets to assist us. As we now try, wherever possible, […]

Quick keychain tidy routine

I’m writing an AD password management tool for our non AD joined machines which threw up a simple script to delete the saved smb and afp passwords for the user in their keychain. Probably not strictly necessary I know but just helps to avoid issues. I use the variable $username which is generated else where […]