Switch off Firmware Password

I had cause recently to have to create a policy to allow the first line support to turn off firmware passwords easily from Caspers SelfService utility. The requirements were; Work on any OSX from 10.7 up Require one button operation with no interaction. On OSX there are two tools used to set/remove firmware passwords dependant […]

Cyberduck – Deploying Configuration and Bookmarks

I had a requirement to create a deployment of Cyberduck for one of the teams here that has around 20 predefined FTP connections. Cyberduck has a preferences file in the usual ~/Library/Preferences called ch.sudo.cyberduck.plist which contains all the settings and what looks like bookmarks. However if you deploy the file the preferences are set but no book […]

Working with the Casper JSS API

In our device management processes we use a large amount of JSS extension attributes, these are used ( I could say leveraged but I won’t!) by a separate database system to keep manage several things. A few examples are; stock location control. sending device issuing and return receipts by email to users and managers. tracking loan […]