JNUC 2019 – My First Talk

Minneapolis is cold in November! This year JNUC was held in November and yes it was cold, I’m glad they have Skyways there. This year I had the honour of being chosen as a speaker. I co-hosted a talk with my colleague from Jigsaw24:- Jack Hollister. We spoke on the subject of Build it and […]

A Reusable LaunchDemon or Agent Creator Script

LaunchDaemons and Agents. In Mac OS LaunchDaemons and LaunchAgents replace cron jobs and startup items. LaunchDaemons run as root and LaunchAgents run at user login and run with the users permissions. So they are very useful to run scripts or launch apps at various times. There is some useful information here. To make them work […]

JAMF Recon – A passion course that leads to pain.

We’re building fires that will burn until morning. We all love jamf Pro (Casper to us old timers!) and know that inventory is king. Without an accurate inventory all those smart groups generate inaccurate results and can lead to random policy delivery. To counter that too much inventory traffic wil lead to database growth and […]